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    I have been trying to install the software for an HP 8050 Photosmart printer. I THINK I installed it initially when I was running XP Pro but am now using Vista Home Premium. I can download the software and it goes thru the installation procedure but it doesn't print - it doesn't do anything, like there is no connection. It is listed in Control Panel > Printers and I have selected it as the default printer. Under Properties > Ports everything seems to be OK; each of my 3 printers has an assigned port. The printer is OK because I can print a test page from the control panel on the printer.

    However, when I tried to load the software from the original HP CD and it ran for a while then said there was a compatibility problem, that this software was only for OSs up to XP. This is EXTREMELY irritating since HP printers produce beautiful prints, even on plain paper, but it takes a PhD in Computer Science to install and configure one. I have a PhD but it's not in Computer Science. Can anyone make sense of this? Thanks much. CRG

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    I split this into its own thread. The other thread had not had any activity for almost three months. It is more likely to get attention on its own.


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