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    I have 2 Windows 7 home premium computers one is 32 bit and the other is 64 bit and they are networked through a D-Link gigabit router. When I copy a big (over 2 gig) file from the 32 bit computer to the 64 bit computer I get the error "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. error code = "0x800705AA"

    The funny thing is I can transfer the same file if I do it from the 64 bit computer to the 32 bit computer with no problem. I have Googled the problem but I am not coming up with the answer. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Hi Jeff,

    One possible cause of this error message is some third party software that runs at startup. Check this MS link and follow the directions in the first answer to do a "clean boot". This will prevent third party software from running at startup, but will allow all Microsoft services to continue to run. If you are able to copy the file after doing a clean boot, then one of the third party programs is causing the problem. You can selectively enable the startup items and services one at a time, rebooting and attempting to copy the large file until you find the one causing the resource problem.

    Another thing that you can try that some have found effective is to install the latest Ethernet or wireless driver (depending on which you used when attempting to copy the file). The best place to look for new drivers is at your computer manufacturer's support site. If you can determine the exact model of your Ethernet or wireless card, you can also check the card manufacturer's support site. This would take less time than the "clean boot" testing, and the worst that can happen is you have updated drivers.

    Hope this helps

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