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    I am doing a mail merge in Word 2003 using a data source in Excel 2003. The merge works successfully but some of the formats are incorrect.

    I have some fields in Excel that contain numbers - the cells are formatted to have 2 decimal places. I also have some date fields, the date formats are dd-mmm-yy. When I merge the document in Word, the number cells (being merged into a Word table) have either 14 or 15 decimal places (14 for 3 digit numbers, 15 for 2 digit numbers. The date cells in Word end up in the format m/d/yyyy.

    Can anyone help me please - I need to have the information in a specific format.

    Thank you.

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    You need to add formatting switches to the merge fields. Word merges in the actual stored values from Excel, not just the displayed value.

    See for example : this post or search Word Help for format field codes.

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