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    I cannot view any videos when I go onto the website. I do not believe this is actually a Firefox problem because the same problem occurs whether I use IE, Chrome, Opera or Safari. I have a PC running XP SP2. Apparently others are having the same issues with foxnews that I am because there are multiple threads on the internet discussing the same problem by a large number of people. No one has yet found a satisfactory explanation for this problem. I have no problem viewing videos from any website other than Moreover, I can view these same videos without any problems on my iMac using either Safari or Firefox. If anyone has experienced similar issues with and/or knows what is causing this problem I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks

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    I am having the same problem, but with all browsers. I am on a Win 7 machine with 2 users. If I use my wife's profile to log in the videos will play, no matter which browser I use, firefox, chrome or IE.

    I started having the same problem on my Win 7 laptop so I created a new clean user profile and all videos play fine under that profile. I am quite certain it must be due to an update to Win 7 or to flash player, but have been unable to find the cause. I have been searching for an answer for months with no luck.

    You may want to try creating a new clean user profile just to see if your problem is the same as mine.

    I have uninstalled flash player multiple times and reinstalled using the latest version with no luck.

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