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    The .NET updates get worse, not better

    By Susan Bradley

    While many of you are still digging out from June patches, there's more .NET updates in your future.

    I'm about go yell "Uncle" when it comes to .NET, and I'm sure many of you are as well. Microsoft is releasing updates for .NET 3.5 at the same time it's bringing out version 4.0.

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    I am responding to the .NET patch from June 8. I had a problem with my Cisco VPN client dropping me after only a few minutes. At first I thought I had problems with my satellite connection so I let it go but when it persisted I started digging. I had a VM that I also use for VPN and that was not dropping the connection so I knew it was due to one of the updates as that VM had not been updated. To make a long story short the only update that I could think of that may have a problem was that .NET hotfix so I uninstalled it and everything has been working fine as before.

    I also saw a notice from VMWare that an older version of one of their products failed to work with that patch. So once again MS kills us with their patches.


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    That Firefox 3.6.4 update is not only for stability. There's at least a couple of security fixes in there. But the headline is the Chrome-like ability to stay up and running even if a plug-in crashes. If a whole Firefox tab crashes, however, you will still probably be out of luck.
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