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    'Out of Memory' in Outlook2000 (Office2000 Small Business and Premium)

    Hi all, I have an "Out of Memory or System Resources" error when trying to open an appointment in MS Outlook 2000. I have MS Office 2000 Small Business installed and also MS Office 2000-Premium installed on top. Also, in Excel, the option File/Open does not bring up the usual menu. I have applied
    SR-1 and rebooted and got Outlook and Excel working fine again the the next day the same problems came buck. I have also Outlook Express for internet e-mail and MS Outlook is installed using the "Mail Only" option. I tried to upgrade Internet Explorer to SP2 now is IE55.00.2919.6307 but it gives an error "A previous installation was not finished.." Any ideas? Should I backup my data, PST files, app_dat directory under profiles, remove the Office suite and re-install? I am running Windows 98 SE.
    Outlook Xpress is v.5.00.2919.6600

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    Re: 'Out of Memory' in Outlook2000 (Office2000 Small Business and Premium)

    I had some issues similar to yours with the same two versions of office. I found that everything with Win98se went into the toilet 3 months after I removed SBE and used Premium. You probably either have a unlocatable conflict or a degraded operating system. The solution for me was a clean install of Win2000Pro instead of Win98se after a little ram upgrade(now 256, was 128) You could just reformat and reinstall Win98 but since you are spending the time you should consider spending the $159 here <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> for a full version of Win2K SP2 plus a little ram to get a 30% boost in application speed and a huge boost in reliability. It has been 10 months with Win2K and not 1 BSOD. Good Luck

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