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    My oldest just turned 18. He is thinking about buying a laptop. I have no issues giving him access to the internet, but I would like to filter porn. Yeah, I know, he's an adult. But as long as he's living at home & going to college, it just makes sense to block the bad stuff. There are little kids in the house, I'll be on the hook for tech support when he picks up a virus from a nasty site, etc.

    So, what is the best way to do this without curtailing anything else on the laptop? Am I going to have to have an admin account and give him access to a limited account? Looking for some kind of middle ground...

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    Hi packman and welcome to the Lounge!

    One solution is to switch your DNS server to OpenDNS here . They offer a free membership, which still offers filtering of contents such as adult material and porn. It will only take a few moments to check it out. If you give it a go, just do not let anyone have your password. That way you can set the content filtering as you see fit, and you will be the only one who can make changes.

    There are other solutions as well. I'm sure you will see some of them posted.

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    Hi Packman :

    A defacto "Filter" would be the excellent and FREE "Spywareblaster" program, available
    for download from . There is a
    "Tutorial" on this program at .
    Currently, there are 13,694 "Items" in its database which will NOT allow a computer
    to go to Sites listed in its database and/or allow "bad" cookies to access the computer .

    Edit : In the "Administrator/Limited User" category, I recommend the possible use of
    2 little known programs developed by Microsoft programmers, One is called
    "DropMyRights" and the other "MakeMeAdmin" ; a Google "Search" would provide
    more info if interested !?
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    Quote Originally Posted by packman View Post
    So, what is the best way to do this without curtailing anything else on the laptop?
    If you use a router to share your internet connection (separate from your DSL or cable "modem"), it may include a program for web filtering. Of course, if it works, that means no porn for anyone in the house.

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