We've been seeing a large increase of random crashes since updating some W2K machines to IE 5.5 SP2. Specifically the crashes would occur when going through our proxy server to the internet. We use a java scripted pac file for proxy configuration.

I've isolated the problem down to Windows File Protection in W2K not allowing the JSproxy.dll, found in the advauth.cab of the IE 5.5 SP2 package, to be installed or updated, but the jscript.dll is getting updated.

I've manually copied the corect jsproxy.dll in(after having fun with all of the WFP warnings and removing the older version from the dllcache directory.) and once that file is there all problems go away.

My question is, is anyone else seeing this and if so how are you handling? We're not going to manually update that file on thousands of W2K machines each time we update IE, I shudder to think of having to do that!

Appreciate any all suggestions! Thanks!!