I have created a presentation using a sound file (wav). When I attempt to create a video there is no sound. I have tried both ways of putting a sound file into PowerPoint: 1) Insert>Audio>Audio from file and 2) Transitions>Sound>Other Sound.
In case there might have been a problem with the wav file (although I doubt it), I decided to use PowerPoint's own transition sounds. Nothing worked. I cannot get the sound to be part of the wmv file even though the file size increases as if the sound were there. Has anyone else attempted to create a video?
Thank you very much.
Alan Silberlight

P.S. I also created a presentation by inserting a video file (wmv) into a slide. I then created a video of this presentation. Both the video and the sound played perfectly. I did this as an experiment. Therefore, why do I get no sound with wav files?

P.P.S. I believe I have the answer. First, wav files must be used, not mp3s. Second, the wav files must be put into the presentation by using the following steps: Insert>Audio>Audio from file. They cannot be a transition sound if the goal is to create a wmv file.