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    This is probably a simple thing to many of you; I don't have a clue how to solve it.....

    I have a user who had written a simple letter, and desired to print an envelope to send same. When he used the Mailings ribbon, he got the expected dialog, but both the recipient address as well as return address were double spaced. They were not that way in the letter (set to single spaced) and we cannot find a way to correct this so that the envelope prints a single spaced address (and return address) as the original letter is formatted to do. How is this happening - what do we look for to change this? Thanks!

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    The Envelope Address and Envelope Return are styles that can be modified. You can create a new envelope on a blank document and review the styles to see if they are set to be double-spaced. Don't forget to toggle the "New documents based on this template" if you want all future documents to keep the style change.

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