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    I just upgraded to word 2010. I can't seem to find normal.dotm location to overwrite the file with the 2007 normal.dotm. Is word not using a* anymore
    Also on searching I found the following
    To transfer auto text entries, follow the below steps: can you do what they say and do i type %APPDATA % literally or does this mean where i should substitute the path where the old files are.
    Please help, I am confused and would like to get some of my autotext and auto entries over.

    1. Copy the file to external drive (Floppy or Flash Drive).

    2. Paste the file under Document Building blocks for this:

    i Start ->Run-> and type %APPDATA %-> click ok.

    ii Click on Microsoft ->Document Building blocks->1033 and copy there.

    To transfer the Macros follow the below steps:

    1) Open word 2003 ->Tools->Macros-> Visual Basic Editor-> Right Click on Macro-> Export.

    2) Open word 2007 -> Click on Developer tab-> Visual basic -> Right Click and import the Macros you had exported earlier from Word 2003

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    normal.dotm is not created until you make a change that needs to be saved to normal. Then it will appear. Look in Word Options, Advanced, File Locations Tab for the Templates location to find it. You must ensure that you have created a normal.dotm before you can overwrite it with the normal.dotm from Word 2007.

    Also note that it will be a hidden file, so in Windows Explorer you need to check the option 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' as well as clear the Hide Extension for known file types.

    Personally, I never recommend copying or normal.dotm across to another computer. Instead, use the Word Organiser to copy any customisations to a separate template. Move that template to your new computer and then use the Organiser to copy the customsations across into Word again.

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