I have followed the necessary steps to secure my database. I want my
database to be read only by anyone who opens it on the server (using
the system.mdw so that they do not have to login). I logged into the
database as the administrator after joining the proper workgroup file,
and set the permissions for User group to read only. I then joined the
system.mdw workgroup file and opened the secured database. When the
secure database opened, the following error message was displayed:

Error: 3033
You don't have the necessary permissions to use the 'MSysDb' object.
Have your system administrator or the person who created this object
establish the appropriate permissions for you.

I have gone through the security FAQs and have searched through this
newsgroup for why this is happening, without success. I suspect I have
incorrectly set the permissions for the User group or that my grasp of
the Access security features is incorrect. Can anyone tell me the
correct way to set permissions for the User group so that a user does
not have to log in to view the data, forms and reports. TIA.

Dick White