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    First of all I want to say that Office 2007 is horrible. If I could go back to 2000, I would! current issue is that I want to insert the file and path name of my document into the footer. This was a simple insert option previously. Now I cannot even find this option. I have searched everywhere! Is it there hiding or do I have to manually type it now, since we are going backward instead of forward????

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    Assuming your AutoText entries did not automatically migrate when you updated to Word 2007**, do the following:

    Position your cursor where you want the code to appear. Then navigate to the Insert tab, click the Quick Parts drop-down, and click Field (or simply press Alt I, F).

    When the Field dialog appears, scroll down to FileName (or press the letter "F" until the FileName field is highlighted).

    If you want to include the path, click the "Add path to filename" checkbox at the upper right side of the Field dialog, then click "OK."

    If you like, you can change the font face and/or size by selecting the code and then applying formatting.

    A quick way to create an AutoText ("Quick Parts") entry -- after you have formatted it to your satisfaction -- is to select the code, press Alt F3, and when the "Create New Building Block" dialog appears, give the entry a name such as "Path" (without quotation marks, of course). Then click OK to save the Quick Parts entry.

    To insert the code into a document quickly, position the cursor where you want the code to go, type the name you assigned to the entry (such as Path), then press F3. Note that Quick Parts names are not case-sensitive; "Path," "path," "PATH,' and other permutations work the same way.

    Hope this helps.


    **If your AutoText entries did migrate, you might be able to insert the file name and path by typing "filename and path" (without quotation marks) and pressing F3 -- or by clicking the Insert tab, Quick Parts drop-down, Building Blocks Organizer, and locating the "Filename and path" entry in the list of Quick Parts and AutoText entries. Because the built-in list is extensive, it might help to alphabetize the entries, which you can do by clicking on the "Name" column. When you locate the "Filename and path" entry, click it, then click the "Insert" button.
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