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    I use Word 2007 to creat invoices...
    I have the Outllook address book icon in the top of the Word bar...
    I pull a blank invoice up, go to the address book icon and choose the person I need for the invoice...

    works great... the end of the address it adds "United States of America" address appears like this...

    Joe Blow
    123 Anywhere St
    SomeTown, State Zip
    United States of America

    So, how can I set it to NOT print the "United States of America"...

    Secondly...Is it possible to pull the phone number into that Word document from Outlook Addresses...???

    The phone # should appear 1 empty line below the address...

    Joe Blow
    123 Anywhere St
    SomeTown, State Zip


    Thanx for the help...

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    I think if you look at your contacts, you may find that United States of America is actually in there. For one suggestion on how to remove that more quickly than individual editing, see Post #750709.

    If you prefer to keep United States of America in your Contacts, then we would have to figure out how to copy over just the portion of the address that you want. I can't recall whether we have had a thread on that.

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