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Thread: Shadow Protect

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    PC Mag has a recent story (06-25-2010) giving Shadow Protect very high marks for system-backup products/imaging capabilities. Can run a backed-up system as a virtual machine.

    ShadowProtect Desktop 4.0 - At A Glance - Reviews by PC Magazine

    Anyone here have any experience with Shadow Protect ?

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    We've had several threads on ShadowProtect during the past two years. You can search using the box or the Advanced link on the upper rights of any page.

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    To the best of my recollection there was a rave review of it in one of the magazines at about the time that imaging was first becoming a topic of interest. (For all I know it was the original, but I have no idea.) Quite a few of us in The Lounge as it was at that time acquired it, and I am pleased with its performance.

    I must note that the product reviewed is a more recent version than mine, and I was disappointed to note that I had not been notified of it given that I am an existing user and it appears that there is no discount for existing users to upgrade to this version. It may be the best, but their customer relations could use some fine-tuning.

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