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    I'm running Word 2000 SP3 (actually, Office 2000 SP3) under 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate. It works fine, except for one quirk (that actually has a significant productivity impact). I Insert a picture into a Word document. Clicking on the inserted pictures the first time brings up the frame with "handles" and the picture toolbar, as normal. If I then click on the "cut" (some would call the "crop") tool on the toolbar, and then try to click on one of the handles to move the frame to crop the picture, the frame disappears. After that, if I click outside of the picture the frame reappears, but not the toolbar. If I click inside the picture, the toolbar appears, but not the frame. After that first time, I cannot seem to get the toolbar and the frame to appear simultaneously. This makes it very difficult to crop a picture. I can crop it, by guessing where a handle is. If I guess correctly, the cropping tool works as normal. However, not being able to see the handles or the frame after selecting the cropping tool is a major problem.

    If anyone else is running Word 2000 under Windows 7, I'd appreciate it if you could check to see if you experience similar behavior.

    I've updated to the latest video drives, both from Lenovo (the machine is a Lenovo T410) and from Nvidia (it uses an Nvidia NVS 3100M graphics card, with 256 MB of RAM). I've seen no change with the updated drivers.

    I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.


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    Windows 7 Compatibility Center does not really say that Office 2000 is compatible with Win 7. I have found that some apps that are not shown as compatible do work, although quite often have some quirks. They sometimes have unexpected results. The apps may work, but not as they did in earlier versions of Windows. This problem appears to be one of those quirks.
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    I haven't used Word 2000 for a very long time. When you insert a picture, does it float around in the text, or in a drawing canvas? You might experiment with both options.

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