I just started receiving an error message when I open Google Chrome. The message states that the application failed to start because nspr4.dll is missing, then Chrome starts anyway. nspr4.dll is the Netscape Portable Runtime, so I assume it must be used somehow for compatibility within the program and that the only thing not started is this compatibility function.

I searched for the error message in Google and found a workaround in a thread on Chrome's help forum, but it doesn't explain why it happens.

The fix is to copy nspr4.dll from Program Files>Firefox> to the Windows>system32 directory. (Alternately some copied it to ProgramFiles>Chrome)

Some other answers in the thread stated that after doing this, a new message popped up saying a couple of other dll's were missing, all were found in the Program Files>Firefox directory. Copying them to system32 fixed all of the machines.

Since this seems to be a common problem I was surprised there was no direct answer on the Google Chrome Help site, but just a thread from users in the forum.