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    Win98-Explorer Error

    keep getting message Explorer performed Illegal Operation and will be shut down - Invalid page fault in module<unknown> at 000:00111145 (I have all the rest of it too) get this EVERY time I boot up...have it right now just moved the message out of the way so I can post..if you re-boot just comes back again...unplugged go..removed the last two programs I put in.. no help....I AM running low on hard disk space...been dumping good stuff....anybody know what I should do? I have a 98 disk, but never used it as 98 came already on the ' I have to re-do everything...or what? HELP!!!

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    Re: Win98-Explorer Error

    Hi ginelf. Go to <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> and print the page.

    Next time you boot up, at the very moment you see "Starting windows...", hit the F5 key and hold it until it starts beeping. The goal is to boot up in Safe mode. It looks real weird on your screen.

    Then, follow the Steps 1 and 2 of the printed instructions. Then hit Start-Shutdown and Restart the computer. Continue with the instructions. Step 3 is optional, but you should definitely do Step 4 and 5. And you most likely WILL want to empty your recycle bin, especially if you're low on space. You'll gain a little space by dumping *.avi files that come with Windows--maybe 10MB

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