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    In Word 2007, I'm trying to get a large spreadsheet shown as an external reference to the actual file, but the best I can do is only get a portion of it on one sheet. Is there anyway to get the entire spreadsheet table to spread across multiple pages of a Word document and still maintain it's reference to the external file?

    Scott B.

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    Hi Scott,

    I can't think of a way to get what I think you want. Maybe the answers to the questions below may help to get some sort of solution:

    1 - What version of Word / Excel are you using?
    2 - Does the consolidated document have to be a Word document?
    3 - Do you want the ability to amend the referenced spreadsheet from within the Word document or is it read only?
    4 - Is the referenced spreadsheet likely to change once it is pasted into/linked from the Word document?
    5 - If 4 = Yes then would those changes be done only from the Word document or would people be updating the spreadsheet directly?
    6 - Is the spreadsheet pagination static or is stuff being added to it which would then add new pages or change the position of existing page breaks?

    As I say I cannot think of a perfect solution but maybe answers to the above might open 1 or 2 options.


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