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    Hi All New here not just to the fourms but to Win 7.
    From the time it came out till the time my faithful old gateway died on me a few months ago I used win XP. Now onto Win7 and what a learning curve.
    I'm having a problem with an update failing ever single time it tries to well update this is a brand new comptuer,everything was updated before it left the shop but I checked when I got it and there were no outstanding issues. Am running 7x64 vid card/directx/and all other windows updates running fine. But every time (Games for Windows-LIVE v 3.3) tries to update I get a fail.
    I read about others having an issue like this and it said to turn off virus,firewall reboot then try to d/l. So I gave it a shot and got BSOD. Finally got it rerunning(sp) and still have the issue.
    Play alot of games,none actually online,so I guess my quest is can I ignore this or is there something I can do?
    Thanks alot to anyone who can figure out what am talking about.
    Love the newsletter BTW!!

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    You could check your firewall settings to ensure it's getting through, as a first step.
    Make sure it's associated service and or updater service is running and set to automatic.
    Look for errors related to the failed updater in the "event viewer logs".
    You may also try reinstalling the Games for Windows - LIVE Setup 3.3 program itself as a later step. Windows 7 - Error Code: 646 (Can't install games for windows live V3.3)
    Games For Windows Live Connection Problems
    Games for Windows LIVE Software Download
    Games for Windows-LIVE: FORUMS
    Games for Windows LIVE support
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