WSUS Offline Update (hinted by "Sybex") was wonderful.

However, although I was able to download ALL of the updates (excluding service packs; which were not needed) and also successfull in updating one of my w2k systems, but on WinXP-SP3 machine the only success is installation of IE8 (which I do like). After installation of IE8 it says something like "listing ids of updates required" and after some wait it says "No missing update found"

although Belarc Advisor still complaining about 59 missing updates (low from around 70)

Update-Installer still gives me the option of installing WMP-Update and "Terminal Service Client update" but accepting these options does nothing.

One thing is not clear to me, why it runs the service "Automatic updates" during the process while I don't have Internet connection. And as of my understanding this service is only for online-updates not for offline one?

But the main question is: how to succeed in WinXP-SP3 ?