Hi, I am frustrated with Thunderbird's behaviour when I drag a message from my Inbox to file it away in one of my mailboxes and want to know if it is possible to auto-close mailboxes after dragging message to them (like Eudora does).

I have my mailboxes organized so there are a series of folders for each letter of the alphabet and then my mailboxes inside these. Thus a mailbox for messages from "Alfred" is in the "A" folder, "Bob" and "Bill" are in the "B" folder and so on. When I drag a message from Alfred over the A" folder in the left mailbox pane Thunderbird works like I expect - it opens that folder and shows all the mailboxes that start with A inside. I can then drop Alfred's message into his "Alfred" mailbox.

But my beef is that Thunderbird does not auto-close the "A" folder afterwards, leaving me with all these open folders which I have to close by hand to be able to see my top level folder structure (A, B, C, D, etc.).

Does anyone know a way to make Thunderbird automatically close folders opened this way (either natively in Thunderbird or via an add-on)?