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Thread: ERD Failures

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    ERD Failures

    Compaq Deskpro EP with W2K, 384mb , 1 20gb and 1 45gb HD, ATI 550. I have discovered, the hard way, that ERD does not fully repair a non-bootable W2000 system using the W2K CD and an Emergency Repair Disk. The problem is that you cannot trust the ERD creation in Backup to do what you tell it to. I have made three ERD's, each time clicking on the "Also backup the registry..." checkbox. In only one case did it do so. It seems to be random. Last night, this unknown omission forced me to reinstall all my apps, when my previous ERD had no registry data on it.

    I now read every ERD after production to see if it did what I asked. I always start with an empty, formatted floppy, so that's not the problem.

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    Re: ERD Failures

    The ERD only restores the Registry to the default anyway. If you want a Registry backup in Win 2kP as it stands currently, make the backup set (4 discs). This has worked for me (I don't like the ERD either). See 'Clean Boot' obtainable from my website (go to the Index).
    I have also cleaned many a registry problem by :

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