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    When I installed Word 2007, it imported my autocorrect entires from Word 97. That is fine, because I can insert a letter head (address and current date), by simply typing lh. I'd like to create some new autocorrect entries, and I've read about Quick Parts, but there doesn't seem to be any way to associate the new Quick Parts with simple keystrokes, like the lh I use for letter head.
    Have I missed something? Can you use simple keystrokes to invoke a Quick Part?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Typically, people invoke Quick Parts (and AutoText) entries by typing the name they assigned, plus the F3 key, which is the expansion key for Quick Parts / AutoText. So if you set up a Quick Part entry for letterhead and assign it the name "lh," typing "lh" (without quotation marks) and pressing F3 should produce your letterhead.

    Quick Parts / AutoText entries are not case-sensitive, so LH, lH, and Lh also should work.

    Let us know if that meets your needs.

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