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    I just upgraded an HP m9150f PC from Vista (had the same problem as described here) to Win 7 home premium. It has 3G memory, a 360G Seagate HD. According to driver whiz all my drivers for all devices are up to date. When i boot to windows it takes about 3-6 minutes for my desktop to appear. After everything is loaded it works like a charm.
    When I boot to safe mode, it appears to hang when loading the crcdisk.sys driver (actually the classpnp.sys is the last driver to load successfully so it may appear to hang on that but i believe it's crcdisk). However it only takes about 15 seconds for my desktop to appear. I have looked at msconfig in the Safe mode and then tried to emulate that in the regular mode. Alas, it still seems to take 3 to 6 minutes to boot.

    I do have 2 sata HDs and an Intel ICH8r/ICH9r/ICH10R/DO SATA RAID controller but my hard drives are not in a RAID configuration (not sure if that means anything).

    I guess I could do a "clean install" but that is kinda the last resort.
    Has anyone come across this problem before and if so can you help?


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    Safe mode loads only the basic drivers for your system. It bypasses much of the startup that occurs during a normal boot. You should use a tool such as Autoruns for Windows to identify and manage what is starting when you boot the PC. Pay attention to the "Logon" tab for now. If you are not sure of something post a screenshot of the Logon tab and someone here will most likely be able to help.


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