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    I have an Access macro that runs a function to run a query and export it to my C: drive as an excel spreadsheet. I would like to have a task on my outlook to run this macro. It is not scheduled, it needs to be able to be run on demand.

    I know I can create the outlook task from a Saved Export, this macro also has to run the query that has a user inputted date parameter.

    Any help?


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    I interpret your post to mean you want to Automate Access from Outlook. In theory it should be possible, but it isn't something I've ever done - I've always done Outlook Automation from Access, and a brief web search indicates that is what others are doing. To do that would require a custom form in Outlook that would have VBA behind it to kick off the Access instance - it appears Outlook has had the ability to act as an Automation server since the 2000 version, but the object model has probably changed substantially. I did find some code samples on Helen Feddema's site that might give you a clue as to how to proceed. The bottom line is it will require a fair bit of study, coding and debugging to do what you suggest.

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