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    So I just did a simple restart - no installations of anything. After the machine came back, my desktop was screwed up. The desktop shortcuts were all rearranged (but all still there), and the font was tiny. I did not the background picture I've been using for a year was still there, but now much smaller - there's two or three inches of black the whole way around.

    I manually changed the resolution to the "large" size, which made them look fairly normal, and I changed the resolution on the picture to get that to fill the screen again.

    I have nothing along the bottom of my screen- I have the Start button, but to the right of that, nothing - no open programs, and at the right side, no clock or anything else that usually appears there.

    When I open my browsers - both IE and Chrome - the font on both is small, and body of the browser does not fill the scree - the tabs and address bar, etc, run across the width of the screen, but the body of the browser - where I'm typing now - does not; there an inch and a half of empty space along both sides.

    What happened? I didn't do anything to cause this. How can I get it back? Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denis R View Post
    What happened? I didn't do anything to cause this. How can I get it back? Ideas?
    Hello.. On my PC "Nvidia" is the Software (driver) that manages the graphics . I can access the settings by "right clicking" on an empty area on my desktop. and selecting "Nvidia control panel" once there you can select all manner on screen \ display settings. I have had a similar issue trying to set up dual monitors using my flat panel TV. Also you should check to see if your "graphics software" is up to date...or has somehow become damaged... Try to re-install the software .(available from NVIDIA or what ever software company your PC is using) I always keep a copy of these type of programs on my "DATA" drive just for this kind of problem, as sometimes the "new" version doesn't work as well or has a "bug" in it. Regards Fred

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