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Thread: Excel & weaving

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    I am a weaver who just created an Excel template to calculate yardage (weft and warp) for weaving projects. I also used Excel to create the schematic of the treading drafts (the order in which the combination of loom shafts are used to produce a given design) and the tie up draft (which shows which shaft or combination of shafts are to be tied up to which treadle).

    Could Excel also be used to produce the drawdown - the diagram that shows how warp and weft threads intersect in a woven pattern, where to begin/end threading and treadling to create a pattern? If so, can an Excel macro be created that says "if block x has a mark, then fill in another block with blue?" Or using an IF function?

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    I think it should be possible to construct the drawdown diagram in Excel - unfortunately I don't know enough about weaving in general to give you any detailed suggestions. But you can use complex cell formulas which involve logical comparisons. And if that's not enough, you can use Visual Basic for Applications procedures to do all sorts of comparisons and set cell values. If you want to tackle it I'm sure someone here in the Lounge can make suggestions about how to approach the problem. One specific Excel constraint is that you are limited to 256 columns. Depending on how you approach the problem, that could be an issue. Sounds like a fun project - if you get it working I have a friend who is a master weaver who might be interested in it.

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    Hello - Can a sample workbook be provided with some more hints of what is needed?
    "IF" functions are very possible as well as "Conditional Formatting" for colored cells, etc.

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