Hope I'm in the right forum. This is a HWSW problem
I'm using a Palm Vx in the office, with a serial connection. Works fine. Just got a new Dell 4100 desktop for home, with only one serial port., which I'm reserving for my camera. Want to send Palm data one way to desktop. Got a PDA USB-to-serial adapter for the Vx serial cradle. When I configure the adapter software it says the output is on COM3, and passes the adapter's test. I configured the Palm's Hot Sync software for COM3 and it starts the sync process, but fails. The error msg says "communication link broken".
Q1: Does the Palm's OS store the COM port info from the office PC (which is on COM2) or is that strictly a function of the local Hot Sync sw? The error is similar to those I've seen when the com ports weren't set up right.
Q2: What other solutions are available?