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    Hello ~ All,
    I did a stupid thing last week!! I installed mythbuntu from the repositories - NOW it has taken over my machine!@!!! Can't get into my ubuntu desktop and gnome system.
    I'd like to simply reinstall from my ISO/CD. I'm not sure how to do that??? Upon restart, the CD starts and runs fine...NOW What???
    Is it as simple as mounting the proper drive to the desktop and clicking on the install folder???? I DOUBT it!!
    Thanks for help/suggestions.
    John in Dallas

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    Hi Jon,

    This is just a thought, but it might work. When you boot your computer do you still see the Grub menu? If so, the first entry is the current kernel version of your Ubuntu installation. If the top entry is one you received in an update process, there should be at least one earlier kernel listed beneath it (the version numbers will be lower than the current kernel).

    Try selecting the earlier kernel for booting into Ubuntu. I once had a fouled up Ubuntu installation. I was able to get the older kernel to boot, and was able to uninstall the offensive software and everything worked out without having to do a full reinstall. It might not work in your case, but then again....I hope it does. There is probably another way to avoid a complete reinstall, but I am not Linux experienced enough to know how. Have you checked the Ubuntu Forums? They have a wealth of info for problems.

    At least it is a comfort to know that reinstalling Ubuntu is a lot less work than reinstalling Windows! At least with Ubuntu, you have most of the apps you will ever need ready to go after installing.

    If you must reinstall, just boot to the LiveCD and go through the install routine like you did originally. You will be notified that everything on the partition will be overwritten, which is what you want anyway. I have done this when installing Linux Mint over an active Ubuntu partition. It completely overwrote Ubuntu without any issues.

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