I have created a form which filters out certain data for printing bar codes. I have a continous form, where the user can input the [Number] of multiple labels required with the associated information. On the click of a command button, I run a Make Table Query that deletes the records in the table and then populates it with the new records. This then opens up the report format in hidden preview and prints out using the DoCmd PrintOut, with the field [Number] set as the required labels to print. No problem there, if the user only selects one entry. If more than one entry is created, then the set [Number] of labels printed will default to the first record. So if they have record 1 with 10 labels needed, it will print. But if they add an additional record, with only 5 labels required, they would also get 10. I could use this as a single issue, but I would like the option of allowing multiple entries, if required.

I require a loop to go through the current records in the table and print out according to the [Number] field for each distinct record. Can anyone help me with the code, I can't seem to get the syntax correct. I have tried, FindFirst, and then MoveNext, but its not working properly.