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    Custom Form Error message (Exchange 2000/Outlook 2000)

    I have recently experienced an error in a custom Outlook Contact form that has thrown everyone I have spoken to about it.
    This form is published to a Contacts Public Folder in Exchange 2000 created in Outlook 2000.
    The first Contact form is for Company details within which you can click on a New Contact button and a new Custom Contact form will open allowing you to input an individuals details and it will link it to the company and vice versa in the COntacts field of the form.

    However once I have reached the magical figure of 199 entires, it will no longer link the information between the forms and all other entires within the folder that previously worked fine, will generate the same error message shown in screen capture attached.

    I have included the code that it makes reference to after I clear the error message below. It purely states a runtime error has occured and makes reference to line 46 which I have bolded.

    Function Item_Close()

    Set ProspectsFld = GetMAPIFolder(strProspectsFld)

    HasAssociatedProspect = False
    For i = 1 To ProspectsFld.Items.Count
    if ProspectsFld.Items(i).EntryID = Item.OrganizationalIDNumber then
    set ProspectItem = ProspectsFld.Items(i)
    HasAssociatedProspect = True
    end if

    If HasAssociatedProspect and Item.Saved then
    ProspectItem.Links.Add Item
    End If

    End Function

    I would appreciate any feedback possible as this is a project that I need to have running correctly ASAP.


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