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    My ZoneAlarm subscription expires in about 30 days time and, having become dissatisfied with it recently, I wish to make a change.

    The combination of Win7, MS Essentials and the W7 firewall seems to have met with almost universal approval from Fred Langa and a recent thread on this forum, but what about Vista and XP?

    The Vista firewall (Windows Defender??) when combined with MSE seems to be adequate for most people, so that is the laptop taken care of.

    But what do with my desktop running XP SP3? Iím in need of a decent firewall that doesnít bring the PC to a virtual halt for up to 10 minutes every time it checks for updates. I would switch ZA to manual updates if only I could rely on remembering to update regularly.

    Also, there are a couple of doubts about SME itself. I saw a comment that it slows down XP considerably, written by someone with double my 500 MB RAM. Worse still, Fred said it takes 24 hours to do a full scan of his PC Ė admittedly it was a huge hard drive, 10 times the size of mine, but there is no way it could be anything like full. Being unable to use the PC for one day a week gets a big NO.

    All suggestions gratefully received.

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    The simplified Zone Alarm free version works well with Windows XP. MSE also works well with Windows XP, I use it
    on my laptop with no ill effect or slow down.
    I can't comment on Vista's built in firewall, I don't know anything about it.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Hi George :

    I doubt you will ever find Microsoft Security Essentials running on a
    computer of mine, which, at present, has a XP OS & 512 MB of RAM .
    I have been using the FREE, Home Edition, of Avast Antivirus for
    several years, though I admit I'm still running the "older" Ver 4.8.1368 ,
    available at Sites such as & . One of the
    benefits of Avast is that there is an experienced, certified, Volunteer,
    "Malware Removal Specialist" who helps out on their forums for
    serious malware problems .

    Have seen people recommend Outpost for a firewall, mostly on forums
    other than this "Lounge" . Don't know if info on the Matousec site
    would interest you when it comes to firewalls !?
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    BBR/DSLR forum always has a very good user based poll for most AV products this is the link to the 2010 firewall poll.
    Firewall Poll 2010 -
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    Everyone has their own opinion, and mine is that MSE works very well for me, but I did not try it when using XP since that was years ago before MSE came out. I love MSE as an AV/AM, but if I'm not mistaken your question was on a replacement firewall and for that I can not comment, sorry.
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