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    Has anyone tried the new cloud/community based anti-virus Immunet? It was featured in this week's Windows Secrets Newsletter. It is designed to run in addition to your regular anti-virus program. It supposedly will not conflict with most anti-virus programs, but instead adds an additional layer of protection. Attacks on other computers using the program will heighten the security of everyone in the community according to the publisher of the software.

    Here is the link to the Windows Secrets article:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC Mac View Post
    Has anyone tried the new cloud/community based anti-virus Immunet?
    I have not. Note that it comes with the Ask Toolbar, which you can decline if you wish when installing: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions : Immunet Support Site.

    I find it a bit confusing how cloud-based scanning works. Suspicious files are sent to the cloud for further analysis; what about the other files? How are they determined not to be suspicious?

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