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    Printing queries (A2K)

    I have a query that can return anywhere from 1 to 1000+ results. I have made a form based on the query and have added a standard print form button, this however only prints the 1st line of the query result. As much as I loathe reports I tried to create a report based on the form (my plan was to put a standard open report button button to pass the information across), however when I go to make a report using the wizard it will only give me the option of choosing the query and not the form.

    Because I could not make this work I used a standard macro button wizard on a form to open the query and tried to use the toolbar print icon to print off the query, this however prints off in Portrait mode and I can seem to find anywhere in the queries to switch it landscape.

    Any advice welcome.

    Steve Paul

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    Re: Printing queries (A2K)

    Try this: in the database window, select the Forms tab, right click the form, and select Save As Report. Then select the Reports tab, click that form and go into design mode to change it to your heart's content.

    Nick Shears

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