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    UGH!!.. I am on a WIn 7 64 bit platfrom PC and need to move to another identical PC. Office 2010 32 bit is installed on both. On my current PC I run the WIndows easy Transfer utility to capture my whole profile and all my settings. THis is how MS says the Office settings are dealt with now. No Office Save my settings wizard to save my OPS file to anymore.. Double UGH on that one..

    I go through MS process save the transfer file to a USB drive .. import on the new PC logged in as me.. Says I have to reboot and I do.. Upon reboot I launch any Office 2010 app and none of them have any of my settings.. No recent open files, no pined files, no ribbon bar customizations nothing. Outlook comes up totally unconfigured. It doesnt even have any of my exchange server config nor my exchange cache mode file?? What the heck?? I have googled and googled this and gone on MS site and I see nothing on this.. Yes I know Office 2010 is somewhat new but someone has had to come across this before.. This is not a minor thing at all. As we role this out, I as the admin am going to have to port user setting over to New PC's all the time.. Office 2003 this was a breeze.. thios is a nightmare..

    Any one deal with this yet? Any work arounds or something I am missing??

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    Have you tried executing Easy Transfer with "Run as administrator"? Have you tried using "advanced options" to specify what other files to transfer?


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