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    I have a legacy program that transitioned from Access backend to SQL Server a few years ago. *Then we added and page for data entry, but continued to use the Access front end for reporting. *

    Now the goal is to convert the Access Reports into something viewable via ASP. *

    Does anyone have any recommendations? *Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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    There are reporting components for .Net, for example, Crystal Reports. With Crystal, you use an Access-like report authoring environment, and then end users generate reports using a runtime version on the server. User can save the resulting report as a PDF.

    In my very limited experience, the reports either query the database directly (with very limited options for parameters), or they are populated using an XML file of query results. I don't know how you code for the runtime; I assume the documentation comes with Crystal Reports.

    Of course, you also can just deliver the results as HTML. If you like control over the layout, e.g., headers and footers, then HTML is not the best choice.

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