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    I have just purchased a new laptop with Win7 HPrem 64-bit. The computer came with a full copy of CA Internet Security Suite 2010, good for a year.

    I am not really a fan of "suite" software, but hey, it's free. On my tower, I have Avast, Super-AntiSpyware(paid version), ZAlarm and Anti-Malwarebytes and have been pleased with these programs.

    My question is whether or not anyone here has had any experience with this software, good or bad; and whether or not it could be useful with the addition of other programs like SAS and AntiMalwarebytes. I would not need Avast or ZoneAlarm if I used the CA product.

    Thought I'd ask before giving it a try...there are a lot of opinions, both pros and cons out on the web. Thanks.

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    Hi Diane,

    I use the same products you mentioned for your desktop with the exception of Zone Alarm. Our ISP provides the CA Internet Security Suite, and has done so for the last seven years. While I have not used the 2010 version, I have used two other versions in the past few years, and have not been impressed. CA use to license the Zone Alarm firewall for its suite back in 2003-2004, and I liked it much more than the other components of the suite. The AV and Antispyware modules were not very effective for me.

    Since switching to Avast, SuperAntispyware, and MalwareBytes Antimalware two years ago, I have not had any problems with malware. I have also used Microsoft Security Essentials since it appeared, and it has been very effective as well (of course, I do not use it and Avast on the same machine).

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    I have switched to MSE for all 3 of our PCes and we are very pleased. We use Malwarebytes and Spybot Search and Destroy for periodic scans. We have had great success with this combination.

    I have seen CA Internet Security included in many PCes. I think our ISP (Road Runner) has included this for new users. I believe it has good reviews, but I am also not fond of suite's due to their general large footprints.
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