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    In a Word template, I'm trying to set a VBA reference to another template. When I set the VBA reference (using Tools>References) to a mapped drive, it resolves it to the UNC location, rather than the mapped drive. Is there a way around this? Thanks...

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    I'm having a problem with something similar at the moment. I believe the answer to your question is no. If you write a macro (below) to list all loaded templates, you'll probably see the drive mapping instead of the UNC path.

    My current problem is that the template which I reference is loading twice, although I see it only once in the Reference dialog box. It appears twice in the Projects window; when I run a macro to list all of the loaded templates, it appears twice, once with the UNC path, and once with the mapped drive. The mapped drive is how all of the other loaded templates are listed.

    Dim t as Template
    For Each t in Templates
    debug.print t.path & "\" &

    This lists all loaded templates. Most are listed with their drive mapping (in my case I:\); this particular template is listed both with I:\ and //ServerName//.

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