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    font in Normal and Print Layout views (2002)

    I just upgraded to a new computer at the same time as to Office 2002, and I have a new problem, in Word 2002. In Word 2000 the apparent font size stayed the same in Normal view and Page Layout view. In Word 2002 the apparent font size shrinks (from 10-point to perhaps 8-point) when I leave Print Layout view and go to Normal view. Is there a way to set them to display at the same size? Or is this a video-card matter of some kind?

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    Re: font in Normal and Print Layout views (2002)

    Have you really checked this?

    Type some text in 12-point font. Switch to the other view. Does it still say it's 12-point font? If so, it is. Different zoom percentages can make fonts look bold/unbold, larger or smaller. Basically, if you click on the text, and your toolbar says it's 12 point, it's 12 point.

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    Re: font in Normal and Print Layout views (2002)

    Yes, I know that if it says it's 12-point, it is. That's why I said it was the apparent font size. Turns out, however, that a 200% zoom setting had been applied to this file. I never zoom these files (or so I would have claimed), so I hadn't checked it. That'll teach me.

    Thanks for the hint.


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