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    Hello all,
    About the ongoing discussions referring to Acronis True Image Home, and the ability to "Image" Linux Disks \ partitions I have found part of the problem so far. I am using "Mint Isadora V-9"...... Using "gparted" ( Linux partition manager) shows my "HD" as ext4. In a post to Acronis 2010 V-7046 ext4 is not supported and will only be able to do a backup as a Sector X Sector image with no compression. Here's the problem (more specifically my problem) When using Acronis to do the backup ... it sees my ext4 disk as a ext3 disk . Hence my mistaken belief that TI could not do a normal backup for ext3 ... When i would try this Acronis "choked " and could only do a Sector X Sector backup .... reason for me using "Clonezilla" from that time forward. As pointed out by RetiredGeek and others,as they were correct in their statements.I apologize for any confusion that i might have caused ... and will post back when i receive an answer from Acronis as to why it sees ext4 as ext3 ? So if any of you that are using TI for Linux it seems that older versions are showing up correctly... the newer Linux Mint "Helena and "Isadora" are shown incorrectly as ext3 from within Acronis backup screen ( on my OS) Regards Fred
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    Good evening Fred,

    I do not recall whether my Linux Mint Isadora was seen by ATI Home 2010 as ext3 or ext4. That is an interesting question. Unfortunately I did get rid of Linux, it just was not for me (See my experience on how to do this at this thread in these forums.) However I do remember the size was not compressed so the size of the Image was identical to the Linux partition size (both used and unused space) Hopfully Acronis will be able to supply an answer. Cheers! Ted
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    I'd like to post a big thank you to Fred. We had taken the discussion offline an both did quite a bit of testing. It was a pleasure working with you Fred. I look forward to continued lively discussions in the future.

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