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    I have an mdb that runs on three workstations. All workstations are running Windows 7 Enterprise and Office 2007. On one of the machines the user is prompted for the SQL Server Login every time a recordset is created in VB. Yet the others are not. The others open the program, click on the control that calls VB code that creates some recordsets, updates some tables and other things and are not prompted.

    FWIW - there is an autoexec macro that opens a form (hidden) based on a query where the connection, username and password are included. The form works fine on all but one machine, and prevents the user from being prompted everytime the program needs to access the tables.

    Any ideas where to look? Is there a setting some place that I missed?

    As always, your ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    Is it using SQL Server Authentification, or Windows Authentification for the Connection?
    If it is the latter, then the permissions might be missing from the SQL Server.

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