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    Hi all,
    MS released an out of band patch today for the widely reported security vulnerability with Windows Icons.

    I, foolishly, decided to go right ahead and install the update as soon as Windows Update prompted me

    Well that was this morning, now it's evening time and I've finally got a system that works again, but without the update installed!

    I have Windows Update set to notify me of new updates, but not to download, or install, them until I say so.

    After the Initial surposedly successful installation, in the Windows Update dialog, I was prompted to restart my system to complete the Update Installation. This was where the problems started; Windows logged off and started shutting down, and the 'normal' prompt, warning not to switch off the system while Windows installed the Updates appeared, and there the system sat for 1 whole hour without going any further. I'm sure if I had left it, it would still be sitting at that prompt 8 hours later!

    In the end I held the power switch and forced the system to shut down. On re-starting Windows gave the usual warning that it had failed to shut down properly, but proceeded to start up OK. On checking the Windows Update History I saw that the security update KB2286198 was shown as Installation Pending. I did another re-boot of the system which proceeded normally, without any Windows Update prompts, but the Update was still showing as Installation Pending.

    On scanning for new updates, Windows Update said that there were no new updates available. I then did a system restore to before doing the initial Update Installation and then Windows Update again prompted that an update was available, namely the same one. I then proceeded to download the Update installation file from the Microsoft Download Centre and tried to install manually. This also failed.

    I've attached a PDF file containing both error messages, one from the Windows Update History and the second from the Windows Event Viewer for the manual installation.[attachment=89494:MS Security Update Errors - MS10-046.pdf]

    I've now restored my system to prior to doing all this and am waiting to install the Update once I know what is going on, and how to avoid this problem again!

    Looking forward to getting any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance,

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    There are several possibilities in the links at Search The Knowledge Base.


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    Sorry you're having problems. I can't offer any help here as I've installed it on 2 Win 7 systems one 32bit & one 64bit and one Win XP SP-3 system without problem. I even had the Sophos <sp?> fix to uninstall on the Win 7 32bit machine and still no problems.
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    No problems here as well. Installed great on 3 PCes, 2 64 Bit and 1 32 Bit.
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