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    Now that the problems have been resolved, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who offered advice in my threads on ‘Reformatting Windows XP’, and subsequently on ‘Rootkits, how to remove them’ when reformatting failed to produce a solution.

    Especial thanks to mercyh, who not only persuaded me to keep trying when I was about to give up and buy a new PC, but later suggested I try Bleeping Computer for more expert advice.

    This took 20 days, 25 emails passing back and forth, several software downloads, many scans and logs to post and constant fretting about the ban on installing patches and how vulnerable this might make the PC, before they were finished.

    And the result? There was no rootkit or other malware present.

    A solution was achieved only through investigating one of the symptoms - the fact that every time a new Restore Point was created all the previous ones were deleted. They found a reference on another forum to the fact that ZoneAlarm update 9.1.507.000 was known to cause this on machines running XP. I was asked to remove ZA and install Avast or Avira, which did the trick. Not only did Restore Points stop disappearing – a minor point in my opinion – but the other problems were also eliminated. The PC is now a joy to use, it works as it should and is much quicker than before the reformat.

    So once again, many thanks to all who contributed,


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    Thanks for your kind words, glad I could help.......

    This is just a small payment on the great education and help I have received from collaborative forums such as this one....

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    Hello George.

    Speaking of : " ‘Rootkits, how to remove them’ , would it not be better to prevent them ? All my machines are so protected, it is done in BIOS where you will see a line to lock the MBR so that no rootkit is welcome. I do not know at this moment, how to do this but it is obvious when you are in BIOS. If you do not find yours, come back to me and I will get you the path. Kid's stuff.

    Have a great day. JP.

    Note: I do not see in this Toshiba BIOS the option to protect the MBR. Maybe it has been done with ??? ( 2010-08-17 )

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