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    In the past, the <File><Send E-Mail> menu has had two choices: "As Attachment" and "Send as Message". This links to Outlook and prepares an HTML email message---quite handy for sending attractive announcements (despite some bugs). For some reason (perhaps due to system updates or whatever) this selection is no longer presented! Any idea why it went away or how to get it back as a "Send E-Mail" selection?

    Publisher 2003 SP3 & Outlook 2002 SP3

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    I know this is an old post but I thought I would comment on the off chance you were still looking for an answer. I also do not have the ability to Send as Email, so maybe it was some update that changed this. There is a work-around... save as an HTML file, then open the HTML file in Internet Explorer and choose Send > Page by email.

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    E-mail marketing with Publisher 2003 and List Builder

    E-mail marketing with Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 and List Builder Direct e-mail marketing is a cost-effective way to keep your customers coming back. And you know from experience that repeat business is the best kind. With all the competition out there, it's much easier to retain existing customers than to locate brand new ones. By using Microsoft Publisher 2003, the List Builder Add-in for Microsoft Office Publisher 2003, and the List Builder service, you can easily complete your e-mail marketing program from start to finish from creation to distribution to feedback.

    If you're already a Microsoft Small Business Center subscriber, you count on the List Builder Add-in to help you make more of the customers you've got. If you've developed your mailing list with the List Builder Add-in, it's easy to connect with your customers. Customers are more likely to bring you another order if you contact them. The List Builder Add-in not only makes it fast and easy to keep in touch, but also allows you to import customer information from other programs, track the effectiveness of your campaigns, and respond quickly to customer inquiries.

    You can read more about the value of using e-mail newsletters to reach customers, or you can start with the following procedures to create your e-mail newsletter in Publisher and send it to customers using the List Builder service. To begin, follow the links in the See Also to download the List Builder Add-in for Publisher 2003 and to purchase the Microsoft Small Business Center List Builder service that matches your business needs.

    1. Create your e-mail newsletter in Publisher
    2. Prepare your e-mail newsletter for the List Builder Add-in
    3. Send your e-mail newsletter by using the List Builder service

    Newsletters connect you to customers

    Your customer develops a relationship to your business through your newsletter in the same way a magazine reader comes to identify with their periodical of choice. The List Builder Add-in and service enables you to instantly and cost-effectively broadcast your message to every person who has opted in to your mailing list. You can even grow that list by encouraging customers to forward your newsletter to colleagues and friends.

    The e-mail newsletter is one of the most powerful and customer-friendly forms of business-to-consumer communication. With the List Builder Add-in, you can use the simple templates provided, or for a more professional look, create a single-page e-mail newsletter in Microsoft Publisher, and then use the List Builder Add-in for Publisher 2003 to prepare your newsletter for mailing, and the List Builder service to send and manage your e-mail campaign.
    Be yourself, know your audience

    Your newsletter should reflect the tone and personality of your business. For example, a professional services firm of accountants or attorneys will probably choose relatively formal content and design for its newsletter. But an interior designer or a pet grooming salon can use a free hand to express the individual creativity of their business.

    Find the voice that best fits the nature and style of your business. There are clues everywhere to what makes your business unique: the layout of your workspace, the design of your stationery and signage, the way you and your staff dress for work. It's who you are that makes your customers choose to bring their business to you. Now package it in a newsletter.

    It's also important to know your audience. You already have a pretty good idea of your customers' needs and wants that's what makes your business work. The sign-up survey you create with the List Builder Add-in goes one step further by providing demographic data and customer special interests for targeting an e-marketing campaign.

    Additional points to keep in mind as you plan your newsletter:

    Be topical. Your customers want the expertise and insight you have in your specific field. Be timely. Use your newsletter to alert customers to seasonal promotions or sales, new and improved products and services what's happening now.
    Make it newsy. A newsletter is an opportunity to build credibility by sharing news, tips, case studies, reviews, profiles, success stories. Think of it as a soft-sell tool.
    Make it personal. Address your customers' expressed interests. This is the kind of customer service that catches on quickly.
    Keep your promise. Whatever frequency you decide works best for your business quarterly, monthly, or weekly deliver the news consistently and on schedule.
    Stay on point. Remain focused on your key messages. And make sure your newsletter ties in to other advertising and marketing efforts such as direct-mail catalog drops, print ad campaigns, and your Web site.

    Design made simple

    What if, like most small-business owners, you are not a trained graphic designer? The List Builder Add-in provides three basic HTML templates for the design of your newsletter. Or, you can easily design your newsletter in Publisher 2003, and gain enormous flexibility in the visual presentation of your message.

    Publisher provides predesigned e-mail newsletters with a wide selection of professionally designed motifs to increase the sophistication of your newsletter. And you can easily modify the page layout, color schemes, font schemes, placement of pictures, and other elements of the publication to truly make the design your own. Publisher takes you through the design process and allows you to make choices like a seasoned designer.

    Publisher helps you adhere to these basic guidelines to give shape to your newsletter:

    Keep the design simple so that your customers get the message immediately. Limit the number of elements on a page to five and use no more than two type fonts on the page.
    Add contrast to catch the reader's eye and draw it to what's important. Use a single, dominant visual element to anchor each page. An ample amount of white space on the page goes a long way toward creating contrast.

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