Is there a way to have the file open sort order stick?

When I open any folder, the files are sorted alphabetically. I change the sort order to date, then open a file, save and then close the file.

I open the folder and the files are once again sorted alphabetically. In previous versions, the sort order would have remained by date, instead of going back to the default.

Is there a way to have the sort order remain sorted i.e. to make WordPerfect X4 remember the selected sort order? I know I can change it globally in Explorer, Folder Options etc. but I want it per folder WITHIN WP, I could do this in previous versions.

System: Windows 7 Pro (32 bit), WordPerfect X4, Dual core 2 Ghz, 4 GB RAM

This has already been posted on the Corel forum, on and on with no response.