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    Large scale printing (Excel97 SR-2)

    What is the story with people doing large-scale layouts for printing in Excel?
    Many are using the cells as anchors for their objects (i.e. photos).
    I have a new one that is 96" long and 36" wide.
    We have several nice plotters (printers) that can accomodate the page size, but Excel just won't snap out of the multi-page layout. What is the connection between view(%) and page break preview?
    Is there a way of configuring the page beak preview to get this thing printed out?
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    Re: Large scale printing (Excel97 SR-2)


    I guess what you need to do is set the Page Setup to be 1 page Tall by 1 page wide using the paper size from the printer (plotter) driver. This will make Excel print all on one single page. BUT!!! I guess you would have better results if you use the original plotter driver and make a PDF version of the document to be one page, and then print that one.

    The View % is the way you use to fit more of the spreadsheet on your screen, the Page Break View only shows you where the pages start and end, on the printer side. Two different drivers, two different devices.

    Hope this helps.

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