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    I'm fixing up a friends desktop PC, which runs Windows XP Home
    I want to run the BitDefender Rescue CD on this computer.
    The disk, created with ImgBurn, from a fresh download, boots fine in my own computer.
    It will NOT boot in my friend's computer.
    However, if I put the Windows original boot disk into that same DVD drive, it boots just fine.

    How is this possible, and what can I change to fix it?

    Dave S.

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    Try using your CD/DVD player in his PC, or maybe try to update the firmware in his?

    Edit: Just clarifying.
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    I have an older Toshiba laptop PC, circa 2000, that was given to me.
    I wanted to put Windows XP on it, but the drive would not read a CD.
    After some experimenting, I found it would not read any CD, but it WOULD read a
    DVD. Go figure!

    So I transferred my Windows XP CD to a DVD and the install of XP went off without
    a hitch. If that were a desktop PC, I'd just drop in a brand new CD/DVD player and be
    done with it, but it's not that easy with a ten year old Laptop.

    That ten year old Toshiba is running XP-Pro like a champ! Who would'a thunk it?

    Cheers Mates!
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