My wife just acquired a brand new Dell Dimension 4100 which came loaded with Windows ME and Media Player 7. After listening to an audio CD while working, she switched CD's and suddenly Media Player refused to read the CD. When I force Media Player to open the CD by clicking on "File" and "Open" and then selecting the CD drive and the audio CD, regular audio audio CD files are displayed but when I click on "Open" I get an error 0x80040265, "Media Player does not support this file type," even though the file is clearly an audio CD file and I've even selected "Audio CD file" as the file type in which to open the CD. What's going on here? Do I have to un-install/re-install Media Player? Does that mean I have to re-install DirectX? Microsoft support article Q234019 says I might have to do this but this sounds a bit complicated. It all sounds like a lot of work for a PC that's come right out of the box.

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