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    Hi: Windows explorer encounters problems when I attempt to open the MY PICTURES folder on this computer and I get this error report.

    AppName explorer.exe AppVersion 6.0.2900.5512 ModName ModVer Offset 00002305

    In the information it starts with code 0xc0000094 Flags0x0000000 Record0x0000000000000000 Address 0x000000003b32305

    I have sent this error report to Microsoft at least a dozen times but from searching the net I find that they may not even offer a solution to this problem.

    If any one got any experience with this problem I would appreciate help. There are a lot of pictures involved here.

    Thanks Doug

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    There could be corrupt photos in your My Pictures folder that might be causing explorer to crash.
    Have you tried accessing the folder from any other program, like irfanview or Live Photo Gallery?

    Things to try to be on the safe side;
    Run a thorough antivirus and antimalware scan on your system.
    Do a checkdisk on your primary drive with the "Automatically fix file errors" box checked.
    Attempt to move the photos out of the folder and off the drive to a USB or burn CD/DVD disk, use a program
    like Irfanview to access the folder..
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Assuming you have explorer configured to display thumbnails in your pictures folder, this can be caused by a corrupt thumbs.db file in that folder.

    You should delete thumbs.db and then open explorer and go to my pictures and it will re-create the file (takes awhile depending how many files).

    Thumbs.db is a hidden, system file so the easiest way to delete it is to use a command prompt:

    - start/run/cmd.exe
    - cd \docume~1\<username>\mydocu~1\mypict~1
    (where <username> is your login name. Put it in double quotes if it contains spaces.)
    - attrib thumbs.db -h -s
    - del thumbs.db
    - exit

    You can delete it in explorer, but you have to configure explorer to show system and hidden files and then set it not to display folder contents as something other than thumbnails and apply that to all folders. Then you have to reset all that after you delete the file, which is why the command prompt is easier.


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